Frequently Asked Questions

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Does DCI have more than one location?

We have one office located in Boise, Idaho where we offer hourly center supports; community and in home services are provided within the Treasure Valley.

Is DCI a state government agency?

No, DCI is a private business regulated and licensed by the Department of Health and Welfare in Idaho.

What service(s) do(es) DCI provide?

Visit our services page HERE.

Do you provide Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) formally known as Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)?

CBRS is a Mental Health Service and we do not provide Mental Health Services.

How does an individual qualify for DCI’s services?

If you/your family member have a medically diagnosed disability, completed a SIB-R or SIS-A with Liberty Health (formally ICDE) and it was determined that you/they are DD Eligible or DD Waiver Eligible.

What is my next step if I do not know if I or my family member qualify for your services?

If you are feeling uncertain, we would be happy to discuss your eligibility and the process with you.

Where can I learn more information about Idaho’s programs offered?

Here are links to the Health and Welfare website:

Developmental Disabilities

For Adults:

Adult DD Care Management

Eligibility and Apply for Services

For Children:

Children's DD Services

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